About the Mossberg 715T

The Mossberg 715T is semi-automatic self loading rifle chambered in the popular .22 lr round. Developed by Mossberg & Sons Inc and manufactured in Brazil. The 715T is based on their popular 702 Plinkster rifle chambered in the same .22 lr round but housed in a shell based on the popular M4 / AR-15 sporting rifles.

Mossbergs 702 plinkster had a strong reputation for reliability and the M4 / AR15 rifle platform is a very popular rifle utelized by civilians and law enforcement  / military a like combining the two rifles in a design proved to be a success for Mossberg.


At the time of this writing there are 4 models available for sale: Tactical Carry Handle, Flat Top, Flat Top Camo and Flat Top Red Dot versions.

The Mossberg 715T rifles all come with a ATI stock which is adjustable if your state allows it and has two magazine options a 25 round and a 10 round detable box magazine depending on what is allowed in your area They all feature a quad rail system for mounting optics and vertical grips as well.

The Tactical carry handle version (Model 37204 ) is styled off the M16 rifle and features a longer 18" barrel. The Flat Top version ( Model 37209 ) is styled off the M4 / AR15 platform and has a shorter 16 1/4" barrel with a 1 in 16 RH twist. It also features a removable muzzle break if your state allows it.


The  Mossberg 715T is primarly used for target practice because of the similarity with the M16 / M4 /AR15 platform and the low cost of .22 lr ammo  M4 / AR15 owners can practise for longer periods with a rifle a similar feel and design as their M16 / M4 /AR15 rifle but at a significantly lower cost.

The Mossberg 715T also serves as a great choice for getting new shooters alclimated with the basics of shooting at a much lower cost and with minimal recoil and nosie.

Some may even argue that the Mossberg 715T could be used for home defense pointing to penetration test of newer more poweful .22 lr rounds like the CCI velositer and Aguila Super Maximum. More practice time with a cheaper round and low recoil means more accuracy. When fired in doors i.e in a home defense situation the .22 lr will not produce enough noise to startle the shooter as is with shooting larger more poweful rounds like a 12ga shotgun or a .223 rifle.


The Mossberg 715T does look like a M16 / M4 / AR15 styled rifle but does not share the same operation or take down and its similarities are mostly cosmetic having an almost all polymer frame and weighing an average of 5lbs.

The sights are the same as a AR15 styled rifle and can be sighted in the same way. The safey is of the crossbolt design and located next to the trigger guard (metal ). The magazine release looks like the fire selector switch on an AR15 and is made of polymer as well.

The Flat top version of the Mossberg 715T does come with removeable iron sights.

Ammo favored:

We have tested the Flat Top version of the Mossberg 715T with serveral types of ammo running over 2000 rounds over two range trips and had no failures. We did have 3 rounds from a box of Winchester 333 which were struck by the firing pin but did not fire. CCI AR Tactical performed really well giving us the most accuracy. For self defense we would chose the CCI Velositer at 40 grains its a heavy .22 lr round that travels at 1435 fps.

Strong points:

The Mossberg 715T is not the only player in the .22 lr AR15 platform market but it is the only rifle in this class that you can obtain for around $300, has dead on accuracy and comes from a name we all know and trust, Mossberg. The Mossberg 715T is a well built and low cost rifle that can take a beating at the range and provides hours of shooting fun. 

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